Change UID/GOD (user-ID, group-ID) on Linux

To integrate into a common NAS storage while still using the NFS-option sec=sys UIDs shoult be synchronized across local systems. First step is to change the UID and GID to the desired ones:

sudo usermod -u [NEWUID] [USERNAME]
sudo groupmod -g [NEWGIO] [GROUPNAME]

While usermod updates all files in the home-directory, all other files owner and group-settions must be updated as well:

find / -uid [OLDUID] -exec chown -v -h [NEWUID] '{}' \;
find / -gid [OLDGID] -exec chgrp -v [NEWGID] '{}' \;

Of course, it would be much better to use actual Kerberos-credentials to limit accesses. But for a home installation with known users the above can limit the effort and ensure consistent file ownerships.

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